Monday, February 21, 2011

paint splash

My eye bags are really obvious! LOL Anyway, I don’t have work every monday, this is the day that I’m able to really get myself to shop errands. Wore this yesterday when I met with my dress maker to check on the items I had ordered. Now, I am very excited to end the week, 3 more days of work and I’m off to Baguio with my colleagues. It looks like a long week ahead.
What I Am Wearing:
 Topshop Tank Top
paint splash leggings
Parisian laced-up booties

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Let yourself bloom

All aboard for spring prints, bold florals and pretty patterns!!! I love these vintage floral purse from BestFinds ThriftShop in eye-catching florals and you’ll never blend into the scenery. The only thing missing here is a turban, but I opt for some oversize jewelry to complement the look.
 What I Am Wearing:
WAGW sheer lace top
Made to Order patterned-printed shorts
BestFinds ThriftShop laced-up oxfords
BestFinds ThriftShop vintage floral purse
gold accessories

Monday, February 14, 2011


I look really stressed here!! LOL Wore this on a casual day out with my colleagues. We went to our province in the Southern portion of Cebu and attended a fiesta. When we arrived at the place, we went thrift shopping immediately!!! :-) I found three chic items: a neon pink high-waisted shorts, a gray (really) distress top and a floral printed harem pants. I can’t wait to wear those items! haha
 What I Am Wearing
hot pink thrifted top
studded shorts from Baclaran
BestFinds ThriftShop oxfords

Thrift Shopping is really FUN!!!


BestFinds Thriftshop is all set for the SPRING/SUMMER 2011. The collection has a wide array of printed blazers, floral frocks and high-waist shorts. SOON.
Click the LINK below:
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Friday, February 11, 2011

Black and White Splash

Yesterday's work outfit! Can’t say much but before going to work, I went to school first to meet up with my friends and watch a tune-up Basketball game with the USC Lady Warriors and National University's Womens basketball team.
What I Am Wearing
DIY tube top
silver cardigan
paint splash harem pants from Baclaran
BestFinds Thriftshop studded platforms

Monday, February 7, 2011

What's Up!?!

wore this few weeks ago at work...
What I Am Wearing:
white blazer
white tank top
acid washed jeans
BestFinds ThiftShop heels
gold-studded bag
gold accessories

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fur meets Fringes

Here’s my outfit yesterday after going thrift shopping. I got a lot of items for only P80 and below from denim shorts, cardigans and over-sized tops. (Scroll down to check on thrifted items)
What I Am Wearing:
BestFinds Thriftshop  fringed shoulder top
WAGW fur shorts
BestFinds Thriftshop strappy gladiator wedges
belt from SM Department store
gold studded bracelets