Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Here's another awesome GIVEAWAY by Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibriums.

Drowning Equilibriums: CAVA Handbags x DE Giveaway!: Say hello to my new favorite bag brand. I featured them here before and now I've teamed up with them (hi sir tipu!) to bring you this bongg...
Drowning Equilibriums: FABMANILA x DE Giveaway!: Here's another installment of my Big Birthday Blowout! This time I've teamed up with the ever so quirky & fabulous bag/accs brand-- FABMANIL...

Monday, August 22, 2011

70s style pant

I wore this last Friday, had dinner with my cousins and worked at 10 in the evening.
On to the outift! I love how the wide leg trouser fits me, it makes my legs look longer! And paired with a floaty top and platforms, this retro look is a comfortable option compared to the skinny jean trend we have seen over the past few years. They are elegant, comfortable, and flattering, as long as you choose a cut that's right for your figure; so pick up a few pairs to add some style and comfort to your wardrobe.

BTW, I didn't like the background so I had to cover it with Sepia! LOL
 (top: OLD NAVY//trousers: BESTFINDS THRIFTSHOP//bag: giveaway//necklace:DIY)
Fringe necklace available @ BESTFINDS EXCLUSIVES

Petite Chiq: The BIG Forever Grateful Giveaway!!

Petite Chiq: The BIG Forever Grateful Giveaway!!: Hey guys! Since I miss Manila so much and I am and have been forever thankful to all my friends and followers, this giveaway is for you!
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

In Full Bloom

Yesterday, I grabbed lunch with my family in Club Ultima for my cousin's birthday, went to Church at 5 in the afternoon and worked at 7 in the evening. I'm so exhausted right now! Anyway,  I'm loving the color and the fit of this dress especially since I've been wearing a lot of black and white lately.
 (floral blazer, bandage dress & gold stilletos: all from BESTFINDS THRIFTSHOP//bag: thrifted//cross ring: GOLD DOT)

Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Drowning Equilibriums: Big Birthday Blowout: PENSHOPPE x DE Giveaway!!!

Drowning Equilibriums: Big Birthday Blowout: PENSHOPPE x DE Giveaway!!!: Okay, here's another bonggang giveaway from my birthday giveaway series! This is extra special because I myself picked out the items and sty...

 I want to win a @PENSHOPPE outfit styled by @paxieness!


GOOD NEWS! FIDA Cebu will officially open on SEPT. 14, 2011!
Click HERE for more details.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Here's the official LOGO of Cebu Fashion Bloggers Group!
Watch out for more updates!!! :-)


You have been dealt an invitation to...

The Aegis People Support Retail Banking's 5th Year Anniversary Celebration
our Senior Manager, love her gown!
he's a straight guy though... haha
Congratulations to the top performers!!!
love this photo! (L-R: sherry, ephraim, ME, cherry & juliesar)

What happens in Vegas

How important is what you wear to a Las Vegas occasion? Ignoring that you won't even get in if you wear the wrong clothes, wearing the RIGHT outfit can make the difference in you spending the night sparking conversation with beautiful people. Wore this last Sunday at JPMC RB 5 Year Anniversary Celebration.
(blazer: BESTFINDS THRIFTSHOP//sequined skirt: PARADIGMA SHOP by Patricia Prieto//shoes: GOLD DOT//studded belt)

It’s always ladies night in a Vegas Occasion!  Whether you live the glamorous life all the time or just need a break from your everyday tennis shoes and jeans, theme Las Vegas is the perfect opportunity to let your inner diva come through.

Here's what my friends and colleagues wore.
 Ephraim Rabanez (Owner of BestFinds ThriftShop)
great styling! Love the chain harness and the rings!!! (chain harness: BESTFINDS EXCLUSIVES)
Jaynard CeriƱo. Love his pants and blazer!!!
Juliesar Racaza! love her Sparkling sequined top!!!
Cherry Racaza, so love her dress!!! hyped!!

That's all for now! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Welcome to Burlesque

The White Ninja Girls started the production with one of the musical numbers of the 2010 musical film Burlesque
Show a little more, Show a little less,
Add a little smoke. Welcome to Burlesque,
Everything you dream of, But never can possess
Nothing's what it seems. Welcome to Burlesque,

Oh, everyone is buying, Put your money in my hand,
If you got a little extra well, give it to the band,
You may not be guilty But you're ready to confess
Tell me what you need, Welcome to Burlesque,
You can dream of Coco, Do it at your risk
The Triplets grant you mercy
But not your every wish, Jesse keeps you guessing,
So cool and statuesque
"Behave yourself" says Georgia
Welcome to Burlesque,

Oh, everyone is buying, Put your money in my hand,
If you want a little extra,
Well, you know where I am,

Something very dark
Is playing with your mind
It's not the end of days,
It's just a bump and grind

Show a little more, Show a little less
Add a little smoke, Welcome to… Burlesque
(L-R top: Sherry, Pops, MJ, Vanessa//L-R bottom: Jassie, Juliezar, ME, Cherry, Carla & Toni)


As I’ve mentioned in my previous entry, Retail Banking at Aegis People Support tried out this new venue to celebrate it's 5th year anniversary located in A.S. Fortuna St. Mandaue City called Oakridge Pavillion. 
Here are some photos while we are preparing for the said event.
I'm with MJ, my hair stylist for the day.
I love what she did to my hair! Although it would make my face look big, still love the curls! LOL!!
the "ninja gurls" with our make-up artist