Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ripped Denim

So I went super simple with just a plain crop top and my DIY ripped jeans to the first ever #HyperBloggersBazaar organized by #HyperCebu; paired it with my classy and simple CMG heels and voila, my outfit of that day, but I had to change to shorts and flats right after. I was literally melting that day. haha!
The irony of ripped denim is that it takes care to engineer something so careless. But it's that careless factor that keeps it on the fashion radar. #
/Ruffled top: Bazaar Find//DIY ripped jeans: Terranova//Heels: CMG/

Wearing these ripped jeans in a casual manner feels so relax and effortless but down-right cool. This is the style to consider if you favor comfort and easiness in your looks. What do you think?