Sunday, January 2, 2011

Working on New Year's Day

Wore this yesterday! I decided to wear something very colorful on the first day of the year. :-)
 What I Am Wearing:
WAGW polo used as a cardigan
DIY tube top
High-waisted pants from MAGS
thrifted PIERRE BALMAIN shoes
studded belt from SM department store
random brand accessories 


  1. yey to another cebuana blogger! :D so glad to have found have awesome style. i think we're both crazy about accessorizing and i just love your necklaces....and super jealous of your balmain shoes.. <3

    ♥ Vanilla Ice Cream ♥

  2. hi Gizelle!

    thank you! I'm now following your blog and I'm in love with your accessories....these balmain shoes are thrifted. Got them for only 50 pesos.. :-D