Wednesday, April 13, 2011

hot pink+leopard

HELLO EVERYONE!!! It’s been forever since I posted an outfit! Life has been very busy these days. On to the outfit! This is a photo was taken on our way to Universal Studios, Singapore. The color is just too striking, right? This hot pink oversized polo shirt is thrifted. Got it for only 20 pesos. The shorts I’m wearing are from WAGW and this is one of my favorite item in my closet. And got these Leopard wedges from ASIANVOGUE. Thanks Guia Del Rosario for these wedges. :-) Check it out @
 delicious salmon + fried fish and fries! YUMYUM
 saw Marjorie Barretto and kids @ Universal Studios.. pretty little Claudine!
 my favorite ride: Battlestar Gallactica!!!!