Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Drowning Equilibriums: Giveaway Winners!

Drowning Equilibriums: Giveaway Winners!: "So sorry for the delay, I just got super busy. Thank you Mich for doing the dirty job for me. Hehe. So to cut the chase, here are the luck..."

I won again! WOOHOOO!!! 
Thank you so much from Drowning Equilibriums


  1. hey michelle, it's a miracle i still haven't seen you around cebu-- you're easily one of the most stylish cebu bloggers ive seen in the interwebs!:) funny cuz a lot of us fashion bloggers just met up over the weekend.. sayang wala ka. you're a great addition to the community! next time then:)

    hope you can visit/follow me?love to follow you back!


  2. hey there eden! i knew there was a meet up, chyrel gomez told me :-) she asked me to go but i had work man! sayang, i wasn't able to go. Yes, I'd be happy to go next time...