Friday, July 29, 2011

studs on denim

(top with studded sleeve: random brand//studded vest: BESTFINDS THRIFTSHOP//pants: H&M (thrifted from BestFinds ThriftShop//striped brogues: FOREVER21//leather bag: BestFinds ThriftShop)

Just a normal day @ school! And about my outfit: That super cool studded denim vest is one of my favorite item I got from BestFinds ThriftShop: The Perfect Cover-up collection, which I adore! (100%) DIY – “ed” by the owner Ephraim Rabanez!!! Thank you so much :) Can you imagine a denim vest + studs? Gotta love that! :)


  1. I love your denim vest, Michelle! That was actually my first choice when I viewed the collection! :]
    lucky you!