Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What happens in Vegas

How important is what you wear to a Las Vegas occasion? Ignoring that you won't even get in if you wear the wrong clothes, wearing the RIGHT outfit can make the difference in you spending the night sparking conversation with beautiful people. Wore this last Sunday at JPMC RB 5 Year Anniversary Celebration.
(blazer: BESTFINDS THRIFTSHOP//sequined skirt: PARADIGMA SHOP by Patricia Prieto//shoes: GOLD DOT//studded belt)

It’s always ladies night in a Vegas Occasion!  Whether you live the glamorous life all the time or just need a break from your everyday tennis shoes and jeans, theme Las Vegas is the perfect opportunity to let your inner diva come through.

Here's what my friends and colleagues wore.
 Ephraim Rabanez (Owner of BestFinds ThriftShop)
great styling! Love the chain harness and the rings!!! (chain harness: BESTFINDS EXCLUSIVES)
Jaynard CeriƱo. Love his pants and blazer!!!
Juliesar Racaza! love her Sparkling sequined top!!!
Cherry Racaza, so love her dress!!! hyped!!

That's all for now! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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    I envy that your Vegas-themed party! :(
    Love your skirt, by the way! ;)