Wednesday, March 2, 2011

to the airport

(Ralph Lauren blazer buy @ BestFinds ThriftShop, Paradigma Shop Sheer T-Shirt, WAGW leggings, Parisian laced-up Booties, gold rings)
Good Day Everyone!! I'm back! LOL Wore this on our way to Baguio city to witness its Flower Festival. It took about 6 to 8 hours to get there from Manila. And because of its many pine trees it is also called the City of Pines. It is the one place in the Philippines I always dreamed of living in. Imagine all these —clear blue morning skies, foggy afternoons, and chilly romantic evenings. Taxis abound in Baguio flags down at Php25.00 with Php1.50/100 meters increments thereafter.

Back to my outfit. I love the cut of this Ralph Lauren white blazer from BestFinds Thriftshop. Customized and designed by Ephraim Rabanez (owner of Best Finds ThriftShop) he also added pearls on the collar of the blazer. Watch out of his new collection: My Prints Charming which will be released soon. LIKE BestFinds ThriftShop @


  1. i love ur shoes! it goes really well with ur outfit :)
    u look really pretty in all of the photos!