Thursday, May 5, 2011

the fashionable version of sweatpants

When Harem pants first became popular, I knew that they are incredibly comfortable yet still edgy and stylish. You don’t need to embellish yourself with too many accessories when you’re wearing one. Either a real long necklace or a set of beaded bracelets is enough. And when worn with wedges or heels, they make your legs look a mile-long. Right? Thus, Harem pants is definitely the fashionable version of sweatpants. haha
(silk top and printed harem pants - both THRIFTED, ASIAN VOGUE - GIANMARCO LORENZI 2011Wedges, studded bracelets)
Here’s another work outfit. Top and pants are thrifted and got them for a total of 120 pesos only!!! 


  1. I love love love your outfit! I'm a new follower through bloglovin! :D

  2. Great finds!!:) I think I have the same belt but in Camel =p :) :)