Friday, May 27, 2011

back to the leopard print

(white sheer top used as coverup, ESPIRIT tank top, SM Department Store harem pants, JEFFREY CAMPBELL FOXY PLATFORMS buy @ Asian Vogue, BestFinds ThriftShop bag, random brand accessories)

Hello, everyone! FINALLY! I got the chance to blog again. I missed the blogging so much. I’ve been so lazy these days. I’m sorry I haven’t been paying much attention to my blog this past month. Once in a while, I remember to update with photos and really, that’s all I’ve been doing. This blog’s been pretty much neglected. : ( Wore this yesterday and went out with my colleagues to celebrate my pre-birthday celebration which I guessed I can’t celebrate it this Sunday due to circumstances. 

Anyway, animal prints have been with us for a while already with those covering mostly shoes and handbags. But the popularity of leopard print seems to have reached its height again. Give way to these black and white leopard harem pants and I love these Jeffrey Campbell inspired Foxy platforms, it’s high but definitely comfortable.  
 WANT THEM? Send me a message or click HERE it’s available for PRE-ORDER 

dinner photos:
monster meal @ shakeys
 thank you, thank you so much!!! LOL


  1. Nice JC platforms! :)

    it would be nice if we follow each other. :)

  2. Pretty harem pants <333 Love it!

  3. nice blog you have here and i'm in love with those JCs! I'll order mine too!

    I'm now a follower, mind if you follow mine? No pressure though :)

  4. wow. you look so good.

    just wanna ask, how much for the shoes? they're very nice. was able to see the same shoe from another blogger :)